Who we are

Advanced Bioprocess Development Limited (ABD) is a private limited company set up by Manchester Metropolitan University to exploit the research of Dr Mike Dempsey, its founding scientist and Managing Director. The company is chaired by Peter Jackson, who is a mechanical engineer with extensive commercial experience in the water industry.

Dr Mike Dempsey

Dr Mike Dempsey

An applied microbiologist, with experience of biochemical and wastewater engineering.

Expertise includes:

  • microbial physiology
  • microbial adhesion
  • development of expanded and fluidized bed bioprocesses
  • development of bioprocess monitoring and control strategies


Mr Peter Jackson

An experienced businessman, with a Non-Executive Chairmanship, who has managed contracting, engineering, and manufacturing companies for UK, American & French Corporations, operating as Chairman of UK and European subsidiaries.

Experience includes:

  • Strategic management
  • Management buyout and subsequent sale
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Turnarounds
  • International markets and operations